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Be the driver of your success!

Are you on autopilot at work? Would you like to take hold of the controls, and approach your tasks with creativity and originality? You’ll need self-confidence, assertiveness and the ability to deal with emotions. Excellent time management and powerful communication techniques are also part of the mix. And you’ll learn to embrace them in this Cevora course. It’s designed and tailored to encourage you to show what you’re made of. Put theory into practice as you turn new skills into new habits.
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What do you learn?

  • You actively pursue success and originality in your work;
  • You approach others and present yourself in a manner that strengthens—rather than jeopardising—your professional relationships;
  • You approach your professional tasks with creativity and originality.

Target group

You would like to develop your abilities, self-confidence, assertiveness and unleash your creative self.

Required prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this course. You may find it helpful if you’ve followed any of the following courses:
  • Assertive communication (031E);
  • Asserting yourself in a professional context (007E);
  • Being influential in your communication (016E);
  • Self-confidence: prepare yourself for success (1284E);
  • Time management (109E);
  • Constructive feedback between colleagues: between giving and receiving (1117E)
  • Developing your emotional intelligence (002E).

Overview of the programme

Before the course begins, you’ll be asked to identify a professional situation that you would like to improve in a safe, neutral and encouraging environment. It should be based on one of the themes mentioned above—time management, asserting yourself, providing constructive feedback, etc.
The training course itself will be based around practising and improving your approach to the professional issue in different situations. Theoretical elements may be addressed based on your needs, but the focus will be on simulations, role plays and challenging your skills.
You’ll learn from your mistakes, learn from your peers and stimulate your creativity as you adapt yourself and your skills and abilities to different situations.