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Become an Excel expert in 14 modules (in-company training)

From simple lists to complex dashboards – Excel offers a wide range of possibilities. That's why there are fourteen modules to choose from, with each module covering a separate topic. You choose the modules that your employees need to get the most out of Excel.

Please note, this programme is only available as an in-company training.

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    0.5 day

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What do you learn?

The more modules completed, the more your company will benefit from Excel's versatile functionality.

Target group

As a training manager, you want to expand your employees’ Excel expertise. You put together a programme based on the needs of the participants in your company.

Required prior knowledge

This depends on the module(s) you select.

Overview of the programme

You pick the module(s) for which you would like to request training. The parts of each module are listed in this programme (pdf).

  1. Getting started with Excel
  2. Basic formulas
  3. Conditional formatting
  4. Lists and tables
  5. Using tables efficiently
  6. PivotTables (basic)
  7. PivotTables (advanced)
  8. Popular formulas and functions
  9. More popular functions
  10. Running simulations using functions
  11. Expert functions
  12. Charts
  13. Excel in the cloud
  14. Macros