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Business Analysis

With Business Analysis skills, you’re able to apply diverse tools and techniques to diagnose, analyse and solve problems. From inside-out tools like process analysis and data modelling to outside-in tools like customer journey mapping and persona application, this course gives you everything you need.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You follow the four steps in the Business Analysis process, using appropriate techniques, tools and models to achieve long-term, sustainable change with your product or service.
  • You understand the concepts and connections relating to agile forces. As for the differences between lean thinking, agile development and design thinking? You know them like the back of your hand.
  • You critically and correctly analyse business problems—as well as their solutions.
  • You have a full and detailed understanding of the business environment, and the importance of the differences between outcome, output and impact.

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Target group

You are a business analyst, product owner or data architect. Alternatively, you may be involved in business or digital transformations with a desire to sharpen your business analysis skills.

Required prior knowledge

This training course is taught in English; participants are required to have a suitable level of fluency. There are no other prerequisites.

Overview of the programme

  • Business Analysis foundations
    This course gives a broad overview of Business Analysis. The four-phase Business Analysis method is introduced, along with the methods, tools, techniques, languages, approaches and deliverables that might be encountered within each of these phases. By the end of this course, you have a solid understanding of how to use Business Analysis to solve many of the problems that may surface in an organisation.
  • Essential Agile analysis skills
    With the world undergoing rapid change, products and services need to improve to stay current and meet needs. Effective and efficient analysis and modelling continues to be a huge challenge riddled with questions:
    • Which products or services are needed?
    • What are the best features to implement—and when?
    • What is the best way to develop the product or service?
    Responding is only possible with the right skills. This course focuses on three, each of which plays a major part in the way products and services are developed in this day and age:
    • Lean thinking;
    • Agile development;
    • Design thinking.
    As well as the way they interact with each other, we evaluate the impact these disciplines have on Business Analysis and the development of better products and service.
  • Pre-project problem analysis
    Pre-project problem analysis gives you the skillset you need to understand the business problem to be resolved—or opportunity to be exploited. You’re better able to identify the business requirements and the value of the project. This gives you better insight into critical success factors and makes prioritising easier. This range of complementary and practical analysis techniques are particularly useful, both before a project is initiated and during its early stages.
  • Outcome vs output vs impact (August 2020)
    Outcome, output and impact are closely intertwined. By knowing the difference, you’re better able to establish the right focus points during digital transformations.
  • Applied Agile Business Analysis (March 2021)
    This case course combines the key points of the courses ‘Crash Course in Business Analysis’ and ‘Agile Business Analysis’ in a fully elaborated, realistic, practical example. You learn how to successfully tackle complex business problems by applying agile business analysis steps and techniques.
  • Business Analysis in context (April 2021)
    Business Analysis is part of a world populated with different management methods, approaches, methodologies, trends and applications. Learn how Business Analysis relates to approaches such as Change Management, Lean and Agile, Service Design, UX and more.