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Change management and soft skills

You use your soft skills—also known as people skills—to communicate your ideas effectively and draw the information you want from others. There are different techniques, tools and methods that you use when you implement change in your organisation. Whether it’s a new system, structure or way of working, you need the skills taught in this course to prepare and support your employees before, during and after the point at which the change takes place.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You know how to define project management and correctly apply a storytelling framework.
  • You know which stakeholders need to be included in a workshop. You also use the right tools and techniques to successfully lead workshops.
  • You understand resistance: what causes it, how to identify different types, including resistance to change, and how best to respond to it.
  • You know the importance of soft skills. At the same time your communication, interpersonal and storytelling skills have improved, raising your effectiveness and efficiency.
  • You successfully deliver projects through efficient cost, scope and time management.

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Target group

You are a business analyst, product owner or data architect. Alternatively, you may be involved in business or digital transformations with a desire to learn more about change management, how to deal with resistance or the specific, tools, techniques and methods related to these topics.

Required prior knowledge

This training course is taught in English; participants are required to have a suitable level of fluency. There are no other prerequisites.

Overview of the programme

  • Dealing with resistance
    In this course, you learn about the different types of resistance and how to respond to them to achieve a satisfactory result.
  • Fundamentals of project management
    Learn how to plan for the unexpected; anything that’s not accounted for in advance, from surprise costs and short-staffing to missed deadlines and unforeseen risks. Develop the competences, tools and techniques that will help you to increase your efficacy and efficiency to deliver projects successfully.
  • Storytelling (August 2020)
    Estimates suggest there are 5.7 billion poor-standard presentations each year. How do you make sure yours are effective? This course teaches you the essential storytelling skills you need to inform,  inspire and convince others.
  • Advanced stakeholder management (September 2020)
    Learn how to identify your most important stakeholders and prioritise their interests and concerns to engage them. This form of stakeholder management is key to successfully delivering projects.
  • Workshop facilitation techniques (October 2020)
    Workshops allow you to work with others, sharing insights and pursuing shared goals. This course teaches you which methods, tools, and processes are effective in organising and leading successful workshops.
  • Cognitive bias (October 2020)
    Based on our own subjective realities and perceptions, we all see things differently and as such, have our own cognitive biases. How do you overcome them when working closely with others? How do you work around cognitive biases to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your projects and turn them into successes? This course teaches you everything you need to know.