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Company theatre: stress management: change your mindset

We all find ourselves in stressful situations at one time or another. At first, they may appear to be uncontrollable. But the ways we respond are not. How do you and your colleagues develop a company culture that reduces the likelihood of stressful situations? This training course uses amusing—yet relatable—interactive theatre to show you the answer. Would you like to learn more about managing stress on your own? Make sure you follow up with our Stress management course.  

  • Training type

    Company Theater

  • Duration of training

    0.2 day

  • Available languages
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What do you learn?

  • You have confronted and understand how you respond to stress in professional situations. You are aware of the ways your colleagues react to the same situations.
  • You and your colleagues are familiar with workload and capacity. You know how they relate to and influence stress.
  • You attack your professional day with an energised mindset.
  • Your professional world is peaceful and productive: working with your colleagues, you create a company culture that replaces stress with energy, efficiency and a positive attitude .

Target group

You want to make your team more resilient to stress. 

Overview of the programme

  • The link between workload capacity and stress;
  • Strengthening workload capacity through an energised mindset;
  • Your individual capacity;
  • Participants are surveyed on their experiences of stress using multiple-choice questionnaires and coloured ballots cards.
  This is an exclusively in-company training course. It requires a minimum of 35 participants, with a maximum of 100. You will be required to provide suitable infrastructure:  
  • For 35 to 50 participants – A spacious room, projector and table.
  • For 50 to 100 participants – A spacious room, projector, flip chart, microphone and headphones.