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Company theatre: welcome change

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    Company Theater

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    0.2 day

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What do you learn?

Is your company undergoing changes? How are you going to communicate effectively and mobilize all staff members?  On stage!
With the help of fun and interactive sketches alluding to real examples of change participants are more likely to understand the situation.
Why use company theatre?

Are you organizing an internal event? Choose any topic that is important to you that you want to share with your employees. Use the company theatre as an introductionfacilitate communication during times of change and empower your employees.

Only in-company (minimum: 35 participants)

This course prepares you for the future, because it helps you cope with changes and developments in general

Target group

This course is offered exclusively “in-company” and requires a minimum of 35 participants (max. 100).

The course may be organized in your company if you have the necessary infrastructure:
  • For 35 to 50 people, you must have a spacious room, a projector and a table.
  • For 50 to 100 people, you must have a spacious room, a projector, a flip chart, a microphone and headphones.

Required prior knowledge


Overview of the programme

Interactive theatre program based on sketches.

Duration: 1.30- 2 hours.

Method: Multiple-choice questionnaires and color-card ballots are used to survey participants about their lived experiences and the situations they recognize.
Note: Only in company (minimum: 35 pts)
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