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Confronting situations at work: Tackle it through your unused soft-skills?

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

Just like a pilot gets the opportunity to train in a flight simulator, you will take control of your personal dashboard in secured conditions. Selfconfidence, assertiveness, time management, dealing with emotions or communication techniques…. All these skills require regular maintenance.

Your co-pilot on duty inside this secured environment is professional actor and trainer Lucas Tavernier. He will assist you throughout your journey and help you reset your « automatic pilot » by means of tailor-made simulations.


What will you learn during this training?

  • You step into the cockpit of a flightsimuator that will be tailor-made with the elements you provide.
  • You practice the theory you learned (in previous trainings) without risking to jeopardise your professional relations.
  • You make sure your new skills become new habits.

In case you haven’t followed any softskills training before, some specific theoretical models might be explained.

Target group

Anyone who would like to develop his/her abilities (as described in the requirements) in a safe, neutral and benevolent environment.

Required prior knowledge

There is no required foreknowledge. However, it is an asset if you have followed one of the following trainings :

  • Communication assertive
  • S'affirmer dans son contexte professionnel
  • Soyez influent dans votre communication 
  • Confiance en soi : s'estimer pour réussir
  • Gestion du temps 
  • Feedback constructif entre collègues : entre donner et recevoir 
  • Développez votre intelligence émotionnelle 

Overview of the programme

Shortly before the training you will receive a mail. The goal of the mail is to identify one delicate professional situation you would like to use as practicing material knowing that you will not jeopardise your professional relations. The core of this situation should be related to one of the above mentioned themes (e.g. time management, getting a difficult message accross, …).

Practicing is the main goal of this training. Theoretical elements may occur, according to the needs of the participants. Through tailor-made simulations (role-plays), you can put your skills to the test and obtain a « reality check » in a playful, safe, and benevolent environment. Everybody will commit to that by signing a charter at the start of the day just after the introduction.

This methodology is based on the recent Peer to Peer learning method. You will share knowledge with equals, learn from their mistakes and stimulate your creativity As a result you will increase your self-knowledge and your capacity to adapt yourself to any kind of situation