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Decision modelling and optimisation

There are several models used for establishing the rules used for making business decisions. Learn to optimise these models, resulting in better analysis and management of your business decisions. In turn, this helps you to better manage change in your organisation.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You understand the structure of decisions and the role they play in business architecture.
  • You follow a structured method, using practical tools and techniques, to analyse and manage decisions.
  • You create and apply structured decision models and decision modelling patterns.
  • You correctly visualise decisions using DMN—Decision Model and Notation.

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Target group

You are a business analyst, product owner or data architect. Alternatively, you’re involved in digital transformations and see the benefits of deeper insight into and knowledge of decision-making.

Required prior knowledge

This training course is taught in English; participants are required to have a suitable level of fluency. There are no other prerequisites.

Overview of the programme

  • DMN fundamentals
    DMN—Decision Model and Notation—has emerged as the standard for the modelling of business decisions. Learn the components of DMN and how to use them to clearly and efficiently model decisions.
  • Decision tables (December 2020)
    All these decisions are based on thousands of rules: if x occurs, respond with y. Decision tables allow you to describe this complex logic. While most decision tables have polar responses—good or bad—in this course, you learn the method for building better decision tables.