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Excel - module 10 : Using functions for simulations

Microsoft Excel offers an incredibly varied number of functions and features that range from basic to highly specialized. Our different courses are aimed at helping you discover each of its secrets. This specific module shows you how to discover the secrets in your data: you learn to use different Excel functions to run analyses and simulations.

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  • Duration of training

    0.5 day

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What do you learn?

  • You run simulations using several different sets of values thanks to the What-If tools;
  • Your simulations give results in ranges thanks to your knowledge of array formulas;
  • You create and use templates without batting an eyelid.

You can find the general page with all 14 modules here.

Target group

You want to improve your knowledge or ability in Excel.

Required prior knowledge

Depending on the module.

Overview of the programme

  • The What-If analysis;
  • Array formulas;
  • Conditional formatting based on formulas;
  • Creating a template;
  • Using a template;
  • Exercises.