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Excel : using tables

There’s a reason why Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet in the world: it’s designed to help you work more quickly, efficiently and effectively. Of course, to truly tap into the awesome power of Excel, you  need to know more than the basics. This course helps you master dynamic tables, giving you new skills and opening the door to even greater expertise.
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  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You know why, where, when and how lists are used in Excel;
  • You also know why, where, when and how tables are used in Excel, as well as the ways they differ from lists, and which of these tools are best in any specific situation.

Target group

You are ready to expand upon your basic knowledge of Excel by learning to use tables efficiently.

Required prior knowledge

You have a relatively strong basic knowledge of Excel.

Overview of the programme

  • What are lists?
  • What are tables?
  • Different ways to create a table;
  • Filters and slicers;
  • Functions and formulas in tables;
  • Conditional formatting in tables.