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Excel: pivot tables

There’s a reason why Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet in the world: it’s designed to help you work more quickly, efficiently and effectively. Of course, to truly tap into the awesome power of Excel, you  need to know more than the basics. Discover the secrets of the incredibly practical PivotTables tools in this course. Do you want to take your Excel skills even further? Follow up this course with another one from the range of Excel courses at Cevora. 

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  • Duration of training

    1 day

  • Available languages
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Target group

You would like to work more efficiently with Excel PivotTables.

Required prior knowledge

You have a basic knowledge of Excel.

Overview of the programme

  • Creating a PivotTable;
  • PivotTable formatting;
  • Modifying and grouping data;
  • Adding a second sequence of values;
  • The ‘Show values as’ tool;
  • Filtering and sorting;
  • PivotCharts;
  • Custom formulas, calculated fields and items;
  • PivotTables based on multiple source tables;
  • PowerPivot;
  • Conditional formatting in a PivotTable;
  • PivotTable options;
  • Field settings.