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Excellent negotiation skills

You negotiate delivery dates, output contracts, costs and more on an almost daily basis. You often need to choose between quick returns and building long-term relationships. Finding the balance between your own needs and those of the other party is a difficult exercise. That’s why we organise this single-day workshop in which you get to know the most important principles of a successful negotiation.  
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  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • Distributive bargaining or an integrative approach? You know when to use which tactic. 
  • You stand your ground during negotiations. You persuade the other party with the right arguments. 

Target group

As a consultant, project leader, account manager or supervisor, you have a lot to gain from this training course. You’ll also benefit if you regularly find yourself sitting across the table from (internal) clients and suppliers. 

Required prior knowledge

You do not need to fulfil any prerequisites for this course, but a few years of relevant work experience will prove beneficial.

Overview of the programme

  • Basic principles for excellent negotiations. 
  • Negotiation styles and talking points. 
  • Persuasive words: presentation tips. 
  • Contributing and taking over: discussion skills.