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How to present myself as a consultant ?

When you are regularly sent to external clients on assignment, you need to make a powerful impression from the moment you arrive. This training course teaches you how to immediately present yourself as someone with the knowledge and skills required to add value to their projects.

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  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • Your appearance and actions are the epitome of professionalism;
  • You behave and communicate in ways that convince (potential) clients of your ability and your value to them.

Target group

You are a junior consultant or a senior consultant who wants to master Microsoft Project and enjoy efficient, effective project management.

Required prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this training course.

Overview of the programme

  • Your CV as a reflection of yourself;
  • The importance of the first impression;
  • Highlighting your talents and experience;
  • The power of non-verbal communication;
  • Asking intelligent and professional questions;
  • Assertive and inspiring communication;
  • Neutral handling of objections in meetings;
  • Turning objections into opportunities;
  • Role plays focused on effective self-introduction.