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Identify psychosocial risks for managers

As a team leader or HR manager, you are responsible for keeping your team running at the best of their abilities. But how do you recognise and respond to the psychosocial risks that wear your team members down? This training course teaches you which behaviours to promote and which to avoid to keep your team fit and healthy.  

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    2 days

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What do you learn?

  • Your actions prevent and manage psychosocial risks within your organisation.
  • You recognise psychosocial risks within your team and decide on the best approaches to the situation.
  • You know different ways of tackling different situations.

Target group

You are a team leader, department head, HR professional or in management and have questions about how to deal with psychosocial risks, burnout or long-term absences. 

Required prior knowledge

Your experience in a team-management role will prove highly beneficial. 

Overview of the programme

This training course is very interactive, combining theoretical concepts with the experiences and reflections of the participants. Videos realistically present facts, enabling discussions of the most appropriate way to tackle different situations. While there are no ready-made solutions, you will develop insights that help you to determine your own approach.

Introduction to psychosocial risks at work   How you prevent psychosocial risks – as an individual:
  • Motivation.
  • The stress model.
  • Resilience.
  How you prevent psychosocial risks – as a team leader:
  • Effective leadership.
  • Burnout.
How you prevent psychosocial risks – as an organisation:
  • The law on well-being at work.
  • The network of confidential counsellors.
  • Formal and informal procedures.
  • Operational work.
  • New ways of working.