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Improve your vitality with yoga, breathing exercises and stress-reducing movement

What effect is stress having on your body? And on your daily activities? Reducing stress improves your general physical and mental disposition, resulting in a better performance at work and a better temperament at all times. In this course, you learn stress-reducing yoga, Qi Gong and mindfulness exercises, as well as breathing techniques. They’re all easy to do at the office, in your work clothing, without your colleagues even realising what you’re up to.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You move in such a way that you reduce your stress;
  • You breathe correctly, preventing or reducing the build-up of stress;
  • You sail through moments of high stress by relaxing;
  • You create calm in moments of everyday stress;
  • You increase your energy and mental strength throughout your workday;
  • You have what it takes to avoid stress-related issues such as burnout, repetitive strain injury, etc.

Target group

You find it difficult to stay on top of stress. You would like a better work-life balance.

Required prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Overview of the programme

This is a single-day training session. It is inspired by different Cevora disciplines that you are also able to follow individually or as workshops. They include: 
  • WS1242E Workshop: Yoga;
  • WS1243E Workshop: Breathing techniques;
  • WS1244E Workshop: Stress-reducing movement;
  • WS1453E Workshop Qi Gong.