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Insights Discovery: from self-awareness to team cohesion

Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. Knowing your colleagues well is the first step towards a close team. Find out more about your personalities with the Insights Discovery model and move mountains together!  

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    2 days

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What do you learn?

  • You get to know yourself better and evaluate your reactions and responses.
  • You know exactly how you work best with your colleagues and truly appreciate their value. Trust is a must.
  • You build bridges between different teams and make sure of a smooth-running collaboration.

Target group

You want to grow with your team or as an individual. 

Overview of the programme

  • Framing and learning from the Insights Discovery model. 
  • Identifying styles with help of the Insights Discovery colours. 
  • Fine-tuning and making connections to build stronger relationships. 
  • Highlighting the importance of team trust and the role that Insights Discovery plays in this. 
  • Gaining insight into team culture and dynamics. 
  • Estimating and strengthening added value within the team through Insights Discovery.
  • Discussing growth possibilities for the individual and the team.