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Introduction to Business Intelligence

Data from commercial activities is more important now than ever before. The process by which this data is gathered and turned into useful, accessible information is known as Business Intelligence (BI). Organisations interpret it for strategic planning, creating powerful competitive advantages. This course introduces you to the core competencies you need to become an expert in Business Intelligence.

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  • Duration of training

    3 days

  • Available languages
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What do you learn?

  • You build dimensional models to suit your specific needs;
  • You use ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) to source, collect and transform data from databases;
  • You create tailored reports and dashboards.

Target group

You are a:
  • Business analyst;
  • Business architect;
  • Functional analyst
  • Process manager;
  • Process worker;
  • IT architect.
Alternatively, you may be active in IT, with an insatiable interest in Business Intelligence.

Required prior knowledge

You are familiar with SQL, ER modelling and the use of relatively standard databases.

Overview of the programme

  • Definition of Business Intelligence;
  • The forms, applications and reasons behind Business Intelligence;
  • Development methods for Business Intelligence applications;
  • Dimensional models;
  • Linking technologies (ETL – Extract, Transform and Load);
  • Reports and dashboards.