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Introduction to mindfulness

Mindfulness is about better knowing yourself, and as such, better managing your stress. This course teaches you how to apply the basics of mindfulness in your professional life. Remaining calm, moving and, last but not least, communicating mindfully will all have a dramatic effect on your professional performance.   

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  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You focus on the here and now;
  • Your communication, especially with your colleagues, is more efficient and effective;
  • You create peace in stressful situations;
  • You know how to perform short exercises for mindfulness.

Target group

You would like to work more mindfully.

Overview of the programme

  • The basic principles of mindfulness;
  • Practical advice and exercises for calming down;
  • Practical advice and exercises to develop resilience; 
  • How to communicate, eat and move mindfully.