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Coaching Leading Module 1 (of 2)

As a team leader, you have to respond to the needs of your various team members and those of the organisation. How do you make sure everyone performs at the standards expected of them? And still ensure they feel perfectly at ease throughout the workday? This course will prepare you for all these challenges and more.

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    2 days

  • Available languages
  • Training code


What do you learn?

  • You formulate targeted, realistic goals
  • You provide, receive and respond to feedback
  • You recognise your own talents as a coach and a team leader, as well as your personal points for improvement.


In Module 1, you learn to set goals and respond to feedback, putting you on the path to becoming a reliable, effective coach and team leader. What if you want to improve your abilities even further? Make sure you sign up for our follow-up course, Coaching and Leading: Module 2.

Target group

As a team leader, you are responsible for helping every member perform at the standards expected of them.

Required prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Overview of the programme

Day 1

  • Creating leverage for organisational goals
  • From mission and strategy to goals on a personal level (SMART)
  • The importance of clear goals


Day 2

  • Practical exercises with personal cases and situations
  • Providing and receiving constructive feedback