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Insights Discovery: from self-awareness to team cohesion

A successful team is more than just the individuals who are part of it. In this interactive training, you will discover how the Insights Discovery colour scheme can assist you in increasing the dynamics within every team. In this respect, we always depart from our own personality and we adapt to who the others are. We do this to arrive at optimal results with all our employees and thus with the complete team.

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    0.5 day

  • Available languages
  • Training code


What do you learn?

  • Insight in your own personality
  • Assessing the personalities of the colleagues
  • Building trust
  • Insight into team dynamics
  • Connecting teams
  • Clarifying the added value of every team member


Target group

Every employee who works in or with a team as well as everyone who wants to grow as an individual.

Required prior knowledge

No specific prior knowledge required.

Overview of the programme

  • Contextualising and learning the ‘Insights Discovery’ model
  • Identifying your personal style with the help of the Insights Discovery colours
  • Recognising the style of the others
  • Tuning and connecting to arrive at stronger relationships
  • Emphasising the importance of trust within a team and the role that Insights Discovery can play in this respect
  • Obtaining insight into the culture of my team and the many relevant dynamics
  • Estimating personal added value within the team and how Insights Discovery can strengthen this
  • Discussing growth possibilities of individual and team
  • Practical examples and exercises