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Online classroom: Giving Constructive Feedback

In a professional context feedback is inevitable. Performance and delivering results is usually at the forefront: the fear of making mistakes is great. In this setting feedback could be experienced as unpleasant or as a form of criticism, while it should actually stimulate growth through constructive and positive input. That is why it is essential that we learn to provide feedback in a good way and to receive it in a relaxed manner.

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    1 day

  • Available languages
  • Training code


What do you learn?

  • Understand the concept of feedback, its usefulness and its impact
  • Manage emotions that are generated by the feedback (yours and those of your conversation partner)
  • Give feedback to others without hurting
  • Receive positive feedback in an open and relaxed manner
  • Deal constructively with criticism and unblock conflict situations
  • Use feedback to leverage performance improvement within the team

Target group

Managers and employees who want to give and receive feedback in an efficient and constructive manner.

Required prior knowledge


Overview of the programme

The following points will be addressed through playful and practical exercises:


  • What is feedback and what types exist?
  • Why is it important to give feedback? What is its added value?
  • The distinction between feedback and criticism

  • Managing emotions in giving and receiving feedback:
    • How to receive feedback?
    • Recognize our own defence mechanisms that hinder decent feedback

  • Practical exercises and cases