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Online classroom: Storytelling: masterclass Presentation Skills

As an experienced presenter, you have got it down: creating a slide deck in PowerPoint, sharing a message clearly and concisely, using your non-verbal communication to your advantage. But could you do more? Is it even possible to be more than the next presentation on the agenda? The answer is loud and clear: YES!

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    2 days

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What do you learn?

This follow-up training is aimed at presenters who want to lift themselves and their audience to the next level. To do this, we use a powerful tool that is as old as humanity: the story.

Thanks to this training, participants become speakers who leave a lasting impression on the audience. We show them how a serious dose of passion has a maximal impact on carrying across a message. By inspiring the speaker’s creativity, exploring the boundaries of vocal control and pointing out the power of language, they evolve into self-assured, authentic ‘storytellers’.


Throughout this training, you will learn to:

  • Evolve from ‘presenter’ to ‘storyteller’
  • Increase the impact of your message by using the ‘story’
  • Inspire an audience and leave a lasting impact
  • Show more confidence and charisma
  • (Re)discover your authenticity as a speaker


Target group

This practice-oriented masterclass is aimed at speakers who already have ample experience with presenting information sessions, presentations or trainings. The basic principles and dos and don’ts of speaking for an audience are old news to them.

Participants are seeking to amplify their speaking qualities, and by extension their leadership qualities, through constructive feedback from professionals and attention to their individual needs. They want to motivate an audience, set them in motion and inspire them by applying storytelling techniques to their own context. The speaker’s authenticity is key: this is exactly where the power of persuasion can be found.

Required prior knowledge

You completed the training 'Presentation skills: presenting powerfully in English' or you have already experience with presenting.

Overview of the programme

In these PowerPoint and Prezi dominated times, we seem to forget that the speaker and their story make the difference. Stories have been told for centuries, but what are the core ingredients for a good and convincing story?


In this workshop, we will discuss the following:

  • The importance of a central message to ‘inspire’ a target audience
  • The creation of a storyline
  • Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model and the link with the human brain structure
  • The power of conflict in a story: prota- and antagonists
  • The structure of a strong story
  • The importance of ‘suspense’ and a ‘hook’ to ignite curiosity
  • The importance of an adequate ratio/emo balance
  • The use of tailored examples and inspiring anecdotes
  • The strengthening of a story through vivid language, intonation and the use of metaphors, idioms, polarity
  • The power of visualization to support a story


Keeping in mind the specific needs of the participants, we will hold the training’s focus on practical tips & tricks with ample space for practice.


The limited number of participants allows space for discussion, direct feedback and analysis of video recordings. Speaking is a skill, so practice is key!