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Online classroom: Time Management

Your time is precious. You therefore prefer to spend your working hours efficiently, so that you meet your deadlines without problems and no unnecessary overtime. Do you need help with that? Sign up for the online classroom of Time Management and get rid of annoying 'time robbers' via an online classroom.

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    1 day

  • Available languages
  • Training code


What do you learn?

After this course

  • You can at least partly plan and manage your work and tasks yourself.
  • Are you aware of what your troublemakers are and how you can deal with them?
  • Work more efficiently through better focus and concentration
  • Do you know better how your personality and attitude (your intimate drives) influence your time management?
  • Gain more control over your time and activity through a customized planning.
  • Do you have an efficient work in function of your objectives and responsibilities?
  • Achieve a better balance between your private life and your job
  • Can you use your brain optimally through focus and concentration management
  • Learn your plans with the NIRAC method
  • Can you apply the Pomodoro technique
  • Do you know the 'classics' in time management: Eisenhower matrix, 4D method, Pareto


In the end, you make a personal action plan: you tackle your own pitfalls, apply the right methods and techniques that you will use according to your personality and professional goals.

Target group

For every employee who is already partly planning and managing his own work, or at least a minimum of tasks that you can decide on yourself. This course is a basic training to better manage your professional activities.

Required prior knowledge

You don't need prior knowledge.

Overview of the programme

This course is an online classroom consisting of one full day and an additional online and individual moment of one hour.

Preparation: All participants will receive an exercise to be made before the training. They will keep a log of the working week prior to the training in which all their professional activities are recorded. The exercise will be sent as a PDF document to the teacher.


Day 1: Online classroom with short interactive sessions, individual and group assignments via breakout rooms



  • Zoom session: presentation of the objectives of the training, review of expectations, basic concepts and two exercises.
  • Individual elaboration of the two exercises.
  • Zoom session: debriefing of the exercises and explanation of the links to time management.


An offline lunch break of one hour



  • Zoom session: presentation of the concepts such as the time robbers and the quadrant of Eisenhower.
  • Individual exercise via break-out rooms, followed by coaching: how to deal with time robbers and apply the matrix.
  • Debriefing of the exercises, the ONDRAF/NIRAC method, preparation for personal development plan.


After training

  • Putting the techniques, concepts and tools into practice.


Day 2: Individual online coaching (Zoom) for one hour. This is scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after day one.