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Online classroom: Interactive online meetings

Are you looking for ways of leading and facilitating your online meetings to make them more (inter)active, activating and engaging? Do you want to stimulate every single one of the participants in your online meetings and make sure that every voice (from the most introvert to the most extrovert) is heard equally? Are your colleagues suffering from screen fatigue and do you want to do away with boring, tedious online meetings at which the same person does the talking all the time and the other participants simply have to listen?

After following this course, you can transform your online meetings into (inter)active and activating sessions where every participant stays alert from start to finish.

  • Training type

    Virtual Classroom

  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

After this course, you will master all the techniques and activities necessary to activate your participants online, and have them share and establish connections among them. You learn to use various interactive methods for different purposes: brainstorming, traditional presentations, resolving (technical) problems, taking (shared) decisions, planning projects, getting to know each other…

To achieve this, we use LOLAs: Live Online Learning Activities. There are more than 600 LOLAs to activate participants online creatively. They are easy to learn and powerful when you apply them. Using LOLAs means placing the participant centre stage and letting him or her create and share, transform information, reflect, etc.

The tips, tricks and techniques from the course are suitable for any video conferencing application. In addition, you discover online applications that can add an extra dynamic to your meetings.


You will learn…

  • to apply at least 7 different LOLAs (Live Online Learning Activities) for various meeting purposes (brainstorming, taking decisions, giving presentations, resolving problems, planning projects, etc.). We start from your own practical examples and apply ready-to-use activities to them
  • to use the 4 + 1 LOLA basic model so that you can create your own interactive activities
  • to apply 7 basic principles so that each individual can take part in your online meetings safely and properly
  • to make meetings more dynamic with new energizers
  • to strengthen the cohesion and bonds in your team with creative team assignments
  • to apply extra online applications (Wooclap, Miro, etc.) to create additional dynamics and discover new possibilities in your online meetings
  • why interaction and variation are so important, what effect they have on our brains and how long your (online) attention curve is.

Target group

Everyone who leads and facilitates online meetings.

Required prior knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required.

Overview of the programme

  • Online workshop 1 – half day (3 hours):

On day 1, we focus immediately on applying interactive activities and techniques in your online meetings. You learn to use different LOLAs for various meeting objectives by means of hands-on methods. You are offered energizers that you can use in your own meetings. In addition, we look at the 4 + 1 LOLA basic model and the 7 basic principles to lead and facilitate online meetings safely.


  • Online workshop 2 – half day (3 hours):

On day 2 we carry on with additional LOLAs and energizers based on your own practical examples. In addition, we zoom in on the use of extra online applications such as Wooclap, Miro and others to give your meetings added dynamics and options. Finally, we look at the importance of interaction and the effect of interaction on our brains.


Trainer: Yves Willems

Yves has one great passion: setting people in motion. For 15 years now he has been seeking new, creative methods and techniques to establish connections among participants in meetings, training courses and workshops. Along the way he discovered Thiagi and Matthew Richter and was immediately won over by their interactive and activating methods.

He became an expert in LPA (Ludo-Pedagogic Activities) and the online variant, LOLAs (Live Online Learning Activities). He now trains other coaches, facilitators, managers, etc. to place the participants centre stage and establish connections between people.

In his company, LUDO, he combined his many years of expertise with a few allies to offer a wide range of on- and offline learning processes. Yves’ style is dynamic, creative, connective and safe as well as a bit eccentric.