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Outlook: basic

The professional world relies on Microsoft Outlook for sending, receiving and organising their emails. But this is only part of what it offers. With just a few clicks—and the necessary know-how—you’re able to use Outlook to manage your diary, keep track of your contacts, plan meetings, attendees and locations and ever so much more … This course introduces you to various features that will prove invaluable.

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  • Duration of training

    1 day

  • Available languages
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What do you learn?

  • You know even the finest points of array formulas;
  • You integrate user-defined functions into your files;
  • Your toolbox includes the techniques used to create dashboards.

Target group

You would like to know the basics of Microsoft Outlook.

Required prior knowledge

You know how to use Windows.

Overview of the programme

  • Composing and sending emails;
  • Addressing;
  • Layout options;
  • Other options;
  • Protection;
  • Saving draft emails;
  • Answering and forwarding an email;
  • Creating and inserting a signature;
  • ‘Message box’ and ‘Out of office’ assistants.
  • Planning;
  • Editing;
  • Cancelling appointments;
  • Sharing the diary with other users;
  • Viewing another diary.