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Presentation skills: presenting powerfully in English

Do you want to have a greater impact? Do you want to turn presenting into an enjoyable experience? Do you want to be (even) more confident when facing an audience?

A powerful and convincing presentation is one of the most effective ways of sharing your message and ideas. That is why an increasing number of employees are asked to deliver presentations about their company, a product, a service or a project. These presentations are more and more often given in English, due to the internationalization of business life, which only increases stage fright.


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    2 days

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What do you learn?

After the training, you will be more confident and able to deliver your message effectively. You will know how to interest your audience and how to make your presentation both attractive and clear. Presenting is a skill, perfected through practice. This course is therefore very practice-oriented. You will be offered multiple opportunities to present, followed by direct and constructive feedback (including video-recording).

The training includes 3 learning forms: an online platform with class material, exercises and related topics, 2 days of in-class learning with an intermediate practice period, and a follow-up phase in which you will have access to material, such as tips & tricks videos.

With this training, you will have more feeling with the art of presenting, and your impact on your professional environment will have drastically increased.

Get the most out of the training and sign up for 1 online follow-up session with individual coaching. Together with the trainer, you can prepare, perfect or practice an upcoming presentation. You can make use of this service within a three-month period after the end of the Presentation Skills training.

If you are hungry to learn more, you can enroll for the Masterclass Storytelling. This follow-up course is aimed at people who have followed the basic training and are familiar with presenting. In this practice-oriented training, you will learn how to motivate and move an audience by applying storytelling techniques to our own context.

Target group

Managers and employees who want to boost their presentation skills and/or their confidence.

This course is taught in English. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the language, without this distracting from the focus on presenting. The course is accessible to Dutch, French and English speakers.

Required prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of spoken and written English.

Overview of the programme

This training consists of 3 different parts: an online preparation with an assignment, a practice-oriented two-day training and a 9-week follow-up phase with inspirational videos.

In this training, you will learn about:

  • Building a convincing presentation in six steps
  • Getting your message across efficiently
  • Tuning into your audience
  • Using your voice & body language more effectively
  • Gaining and holding attention with compelling material
  • Handling questions like a professional
  • Overcoming stage fright