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Project Management: basics

Successfully running a project from A to Z is a genuine challenge. Keeping everything under control is key. Interested in taking a close look at the world of project management? Or would you like to refine your work methods? Enrol for this course now!  Would you like to put the theory into practice? Make sure you follow up this ground-level training course with ‘Project management: from theory to practice  ’.

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  • Duration of training

    2 days

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What do you learn?

  • You know whether project-based work is suitable for your organisation. 
  • You start projects and manage them all in the same way. By doing so, you keep a good overview. 
  • You submit reports and discuss them with all parties. 

Target group

You’re on the project team, a project leader, consultant or you have projects you’re relying on others to successfully complete. 

Required prior knowledge

You do not need to meet any prerequisites, but experiences with projects is a bonus. 

Overview of the programme

  • The characteristics of project work.
  • Defining projects:
    • Definition; 
    • Project versus process; 
    • Project versus programme;
    • Management versus performance.
  • Proposing a plan.
  • Phases, plans and making decisions. 
  • Project management and direction:
    • Management aspects: business cases, scope, time, budget, quality and risk management; 
    • Roles, responsibilities and competences, activities and tasks in a project (management) office. 
  • Planning, following up developments and reporting. 
  • Project execution and collaborating with teams.
  • Completion and evaluation.