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Service design and digital customer experience

What’s the first step to making a service attractive to a user? It’s taking the customer or user perspective into account. Theses courses teach you how to design services and digital customer experiences taking the user’s perspective into consideration.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You keep users and customers happy by optimising their experience with your service or product.
  • You use surveys, customer journeys, prototyping, workshops and other appropriate and effective tools and techniques to acquire feedback and ideas. They give you deeper insight into the customer perspective.
  • You have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a product or service using an outside-in perspective. Even when they extend across different channels (websites and physical touchpoints) your digital customer experiences are well-designed, effective and user-friendly.

How does The Master Channel work?

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Target group

You are a business analyst, product owner or data architect. Alternatively, you may be involved in business or digital transformations with a desire to know more about service design and designing the perfect digital customer experience.

Required prior knowledge

This training course is taught in English; participants are required to have a suitable level of fluency. There are no other prerequisites.

Overview of the programme

  • Digital customer experience (November 2020)
    When they’re connecting with the products and services your organisation provides, your customers undergo a customer experience. Focusing on digital experiences, this course teaches you how to recognise which elements are important and how to optimise them through customer surveys, workshops, customer journey and other tools and techniques.
  • UX fundamentals (November 2020)
    Usability and user-friendliness are key aspects in the design of digital applications. But how do you incorporate them without knowing who your customer is? This course teaches you about the tools and techniques, wireframes and prototypes, information architecture and testing, and everything else you need to know to improve the UX of your digital solution.
  • Customer journey mapping (June 2021)
    Learn how to set up a customer journey map that gives you a visual representation of all the touchpoints a customer has with your product or service. Detailed and complex, customer journeys are highly varied. Nonetheless, you have the skills to interpret them to create successful products that deliver ultimate value.