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Storytelling: masterclass Presentation Skills

You know how to assemble a PowerPoint presentation. You present your message clearly and simply. But presenting is about more than simply transferring information.
You take your presentation skills to a new level with this course. You’ll learn to make use of a powerful instrument: storytelling. It’s time to awaken your creativity, explore the innate potential of your voice and open your eyes to the incredible power of language.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You are a powerful storyteller who keeps their audience rapt throughout a presentation;
  • Your message hits your audience with incredible impact, making a lasting impression;
  • You present with confidence and charisma.

Target group

You give presentations, run training courses or perform in a teaching role and would like to improve your knowledge and skills.

Required prior knowledge

You’ve followed the Cevora training course Presentation Skills (047E1) or you have gained the equivalent knowledge through first-hand experience.

Overview of the programme

  • Inspiring your target group with a central message;
  • Creating a storyline;
  • The link between the Golden Circle model and the human brain structure;
  • The power of conflict in a story: protagonists and antagonists;
  • Structuring a strong story;
  • The importance of suspense and a hook to ignite curiosity;
  • The importance of an adequate balance of rationality and emotion;
  • Using tailored examples and inspiring anecdotes;
  • Strengthening a story through vivid language, intonation and metaphor;
  • The power of visualisation in storytelling.