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Stress management: a well-being toolkit for work

Do you struggle with stress and find yourself constantly under pressure? Do external circumstances that appear to be outside your control trigger tension and anxiety? In this course, you learn to use your resources and personal skills to manage stressful workplace situations. You develop a toolkit of resources and personal skills to stay a step ahead of stress and promote your well-being.   

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  • Duration of training

    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You take a proactive approach to maintain your personal well-being;
  • You use your personal skills and simple, tools to anticipate, control and reduce stress.

Target group

You are concerned about your well-being at work.

Overview of the programme

  • Symptoms and effects of stress;
  • What causes stress and why?
  • Three steps to well-being:
    • Thought management;
    • Emotion management;
    • Behaviour management. 
  • Practise using different tools in stressful situations;
  • Personal action plan: setting goals and priorities.