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The annual review, a development tool for your employees

How do you raise the individual performance of your employees? How do you encourage their professional development? And push your company to develop as a whole? The annual review gives you the opportunity to do all this and more. Thanks to this Cevora course, you’ll know exactly how to lead annual development review meetings to leave your employees with a burning desire to fulfil their potential and reach new heights.

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  • Duration of training

    2 days

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What do you learn?

  • You speak to your employees with positive, constructive and motivating dialogue;
  • You lead annual development reviews and other meetings, avoiding possible pitfalls to achieve your objectives;
  • Your employees leave their annual development reviews bursting with optimism, ready to challenge themselves—to their own benefit and that of your company.

Target group

You are a line manager or member of the management team who conducts annual performance reviews or development reviews with staff members.

Required prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Overview of the programme

  • Defining the annual development review: background information, differences to assessments, objectives, content and challenges;
  • Mastering the different steps in setting up and conducting an annual review;
  • Setting achievable, measurable and assessable professional objectives;
  • Preparing, setting up and conducting a development review in a constructive and assertive manner;
  • Formalising the development of skills;
  • Avoiding possible pitfalls and handling possible resistance during the review;
  • Practical cases, role plays and exercises.