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The job interview (day 2) : STAR and introduction to alternative methods

Discussing professional experience and motivation gives you insight into your candidates. But it’s not enough to ensure you identify the perfect candidate on the basis of skills and competences. This course teaches you new techniques and raises the quality of your interviews to help you find the needle in the haystack.
Are you new to job interviews? The Cevora course The job interview (Day 1): Conduct a well-structured and complete interview (197EA) gives you skills more suited to your current needs.

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    1 day

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What do you learn?

  • You know exactly which competences you’re looking for. You plan your interviews to ensure your candidates will show you whether they can offer you these skills.
  • You delve deep into the motivation of your candidates: their experience, attitude and abilities.
  • You use the STAR® methods to question behavioural competences.
  • Your interview toolbox holds a wide range of selection methods and approaches.

Target group

As a HR professional, team leader or a coach, you are involved in recruitment and selection. You want to take your practical knowledge and interviewing competences to the next level.

Required prior knowledge

You already have experience conducting job interviews or have completed the Cevora course The job interview (Day 1): Conduct a well-structured and complete interview (197EA).
Please bring a profile description for a profile that you regularly recruit, plus a corresponding CV to the course.

Overview of the programme

  • Communication and questioning techniques: A quick refresher;
  • Defining what a competence is;
  • Competence-based interviews;
  • Integrating the STAR® method in a job interview;
  • An introduction to alternative selection methods.
This course uses focused examples to guide you and sharpens your skills with targeted exercises.