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Time management

Your time is valuable. You would prefer to use your work time efficiently so that you meet deadlines without issues and without notching up any unnecessary overtime. Do you need help with this? Enrol for the ‘Time management’ training course and get rid of those annoying ‘time thieves’.  

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  • Duration of training

    2 days

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What do you learn?

  • You set realistic and efficient plans.
  • You keep your focus on your priorities.
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Target group

You can plan and manage at least part of your work and task set by yourself. 

Overview of the programme

  • What is time management? 
  • Internal motivations and their influences.
  • Mental preferences.
  • Multitask or single tasks?
  • Planning: the key to good time management.
  • Planning with SMART goals.
  • How to cope with your tasks.
  • From vertical to horizontal logic when planning.
  • The Eisenhower matrix.
  • The four golden rules of time management.
  • Planning with the NIRAC method.
  • Becoming aware of the influence of the laws of time management.
  • Using the Pomodoro technique.
  • Tackling time thieves.
  • Interesting apps for better managing your time.