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Ultimate BPMN Bootcamp

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    1 week

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What do you learn?

Optimizing organizations is hard and often fails. Successful optimization efforts depend on knowing how the organization works. Modeling processes should therefore be top of mind in any business transformation or improvement effort. The default way of capturing processes is called BPMN. BPMN allows you to:
  • Capture current business processes and design new ones
  • Create a shared understanding of how a business works
  • Think about the steps required to transform a business
What will you learn in this course?

The Ultimate BPMN Bootcamp teaches you everything you wanted to know about modeling business processes using BPMN. This track is the most complete track available online.
  • Course 1 - BPMN Fundamentals: a thorough introduction of the most commonly used BPMN concepts
  • Course 2 – Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory: a method for successful process modeling projects
  • Course 3 – BPMN Case 1: a case exploring the fundamental BPMN concepts
  • Course 4 – BPMN Cookbook: recipes for solving 20 common process modeling problems
  • Course 5 – BPMN Pro: Advanced BPMN Concepts
  • Course 6 – BPMN Case 2: a more advanced case
This track is:
  • 100% expert approved
  • 100% self-paced on the new platform www.themasterchannel.com
  • 100% mix of theory and practice
After your registration you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials that you can use to follow this track free of cost!

Do you prefer a classical course in Dutch or French, we can recommend you:
- BPMN Methode: basis 313NA
- BPMN Methode: gevorderd 313NB
- Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 313FA

Target group

  • People responsible for business transformations
  • Business analysts
  • Business Process Architects (BPA)
  • Functional Analysts
  • IT or business consultants

Required prior knowledge

There is no prerequisite knowledge. Your profile belongs to the target group.
This course track is taught in English

Overview of the programme

Course 1: BPMN Fundamentals
  • The most used BPMN concepts
  • Tasks, gateways, events, decisions, …
  • Many examples throughout the course
Course 2 – Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory
  • A proven method for successful process modeling projects
  • How to avoid failure in process modeling
  • Tackling the project in one work week
  • From Happy Flow to Process Safari
Course 3 – BPMN Case 1
  • A simple BPMN case showing the fundamental BPMN concepts
  • Shows happy flow and exceptions
  • Model in parallel with the teacher
Course 4 – BPMN Cookbook
  • Twenty common process modeling problems and their solution
  • Task assignments, batch processing, deadlocks, unstructured processes, …
  • Learn to avoid mistakes that lead to failure
Course 5 – BPMN Pro
  • Advanced BPMN concepts
  • Extra types of events, sub-processes and connectors
  • Tips about transactions, reusability, data and process execution
Course 6 – BPMN Case 2
  • A more elaborate real-life case
  • Happy flow and exceptions
  • Contains two extra variations
This course track contains over 10 hours of video, and many examples and assignments. At the end of each course you can take an exam and gain a Mastery Level Badge which you can show on your resume.

This course track will be all you need to become proficient at modeling processes. No better way to start improving your business.