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Webinar: Remote management

Your teams are now working from home. The current context may even lead to a hybrid situation, with some workers on site and others WFH. How do you keep them on track? How do you maintain cohesion and motivation? What are the pitfalls that you need to anticipate as a manager? In 90 minutes, explore the fundamentals of remote management to better support your teams.

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What do you learn?

In this webinar, we address the following objectives:

  • Make your teams aware of the changes related to remote management in an exceptional context, (context, duration, management of personal constraints)

  • Reassure and maintain the link with his team,

  • Identify and understand the requirements of homeworking and remote management

  • Identify the golden rules of homeworking, the specificities and characteristics of homeworking, the legal framework

  • Develop and maintain trust, autonomy, equity in the team

  • Adapt one's behaviour and managerial communication into this whole context

  • Respect work-life balance

  • Identify weak signals

  • Set up the work organization and tools adapted to the context of their team

Target group

You are a manager or a team leader.

Overview of the programme

In 1 hour, you will go through the fundamentals of remote management.

Do you want want to go further and be even more prepared? Continue your learning by participating in our online workshop. This takes place in a smaller group, allowing for more interaction and sharing experiences.

Your trainer : Anne Lemaire

Anne Lemaire specializes in leadership development, team growth and workplace well-being within the European institutions, private sector companies and public organisations. She has been meditating for 20 years and brings together mindfulness and the world of work to further stimulate awareness, sustainability and connection to self and others. Leading with heart and mind.