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Professional English: boost your oral skills in 6 weeks (18h)

Being able to express yourself fluently in another language is a great asset in the workplace. Whether you are able to talk to customers in their own language, or work with colleagues who do not speak your language: your language skills are of great value to your company.

Would you like to refresh or refine your spoken English through a distance learning course and you don't really have the time/place to do so? Or would you like to offer your new employees the opportunity to acquire a professional level of spoken English? This training course is certainly the right choice for you: a time and a place to improve your oral skills in the target language.

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    Classe en ligne

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    3 jours

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Résultats à l’issue de cette formation

During this training, the focus is on oral expression. Written skills may be taught, depending on the needs of the group. What is the most important? That you overcome your fear of speaking English after 6 weeks. Even if there is still room for improvement, you will feel better equipped to engage in conversations in the target language. This semi-intensive course takes place remotely.

Thanks to a balanced mix of group learning and individual e-learning activities, you will make rapid progress in the target language.

Public cible

You want to communicate fluently in English.

Méthode d'apprentissage: Classe en ligne

Vous suivez cette formation en ligne sur votre ordinateur. Votre parcours comprend trois étapes complémentaires.

  • Étape 1

Votre formation commence sur Karibu, notre plateforme d’apprentissage en ligne. Vous effectuez cette première étape à votre rythme, où et quand vous le souhaitez.

Attention : il est indispensable d’achever cette étape avant de poursuivre votre formation.

  • Étape 2 : classe en ligne

Lors de cette étape, vous rencontrez les autres participant·es via Zoom. Votre groupe compte généralement 6 à 12 personnes. Tout le monde peut s’entendre et se voir, dans une optique de discussion, d’interaction et de collaboration. Ensemble, vous apprenez ainsi les un·es des autres, sur la base des connaissances acquises lors de l’étape 1.

  • Étape 3

Cet apprentissage se déroule également sur Karibu, à votre rythme, où et quand vous le souhaitez.

Connaissances préalables requises

For elementary and intermediate levels. After completing your registration, you will be invited to take an oral assessment test.

Aperçu du programme

  • Pre-teaching (online)

After the final confirmation of your registration, you will receive access to our digital learning platform, Karibu. This is the opportunity to indicate your needs, expectations and suggestions for the course. Our trainer will take your contributions into account as much as possible during the training.


  • Face-to-face course

For 6 weeks, you will actively practice the target language in 3-hour group sessions with other students of the same level. ·


  • Consolidation (online)

This is the opportunity for you to take a look at what you have learned and to draw up an action plan, with a little help from your trainer. It is also a chance to look ahead to your future learning in the target language!