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Achieving efficiency through an optimal workflow

Sometimes you wish there were more hours in the day. Unfortunately, you can’t change that. But you do have influence over the actions that you plan. It’s up to you to organise your days efficiently. How? By making choices. This way, you’ll have control over your tasks, get more work done and still have energy over. In this training course, you’ll discover tips and tricks for optimising your workflow. You’ll soon have stress and trouble out of your day.  Are you already skilled at planning your actions, but would like help managing your time? Enrol for the ‘Time management’ training course.
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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

  • You work with excellent concentration and a target-oriented approach. Distractions? What’s happening in your environment doesn’t have any effect on you. 
  • Whether it’s on paper or digital, you manage and process information quickly and efficiently. 
  • You clear your mind and start your workday in complete relaxation. 
Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone with you. A pen and paper will also be useful. 


You want to use your available time more efficiently. 


  • Flexible plans and setting priorities. 
  • Approaches for better managing and processing your information streams.
  • Tune out all distractions. 
  • Learn to handle procrastination.
  • Get the most out of modern communication methods. 
  • Set up Microsoft Outlook, Google apps, etc. for optimal use. 
  • Organise a (flexible) workplace.