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Crash course functional analysis

Enterprises are complex and the challenges they face are often even more so. As a participant in this course, you are looking for a proven, standardized way to identify, analyze and implement IT requirements. You are looking for a set of methods and techniques to achieve the best possible implementation of your IT solution at the end of the road.

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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?


  • Knows the standardized approach for a functional analysis.
  • Learns the difference between a business and functional analysis.
  • Understands the meaning and value of functional analysis principles, including requirements identification, prioritization, user stories, data modeling and more.



  • Can perform his/her role optimally in a functional analysis project.
  • Can manage projects in an agile way, including Scrum and Kanban.
  • Can identify, manage, prioritize and estimate IT requirements based on user stories, story maps and data models, among other things.
  • Masters various functional analysis techniques and knows how to apply them to the right situation, including:
    • data modeling with ERD,
    • UML,
    • user stories,
    • story maps,
    • prioritization techniques such as card sorting.



  • Wants to build on the elaboration of a standardized functional analysis process.
  • Believes in optimizing workflow through proven agile principles.


This trainee is very closely involved in the functional analysis story, to work out IT solutions that best fit the problems or opportunities of an organization. Jobs as a functional analyst, software architect or IT manager are most common here.


This course participant

  • Defines IT requirements linked to problems in the organization, such as poorly performing IT or low KPIs.
  • Frames this IT in the business analysis, where the problem was initially defined.
  • Communicates with affected stakeholders and gathers their insights. These can be employees of the affected application, managers, strategists, other analysts, legislators and more.

Leermethode: Online-klas

Deze online-opleiding volg je op je computer. Je traject bestaat uit drie stappen, die elkaar aanvullen.

  • Stap 1

Je opleiding start op Karibu, ons online-leerplatform. Dit leermoment doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.

Let op: deze stap afwerken is een vereiste om verder te gaan.

  • Stap 2: online-klas

Tijdens deze stap ontmoet je je medecursisten – gewoonlijk zes tot twaalf personen – via Zoom. Iedereen kan elkaar zien en horen. Dat maakt gesprekken, interactie en samenwerking mogelijk. Zo leer je van en met elkaar, op basis van de inzichten uit stap 1.

  • Stap 3

Dit leermoment vindt opnieuw plaats op Karibu. Ook deze stap doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.


This training consist of 2 half day sessions.


  • Before
  • Four types of context: strategy, project, assignment, way of working.
  • The FA process.
  • Understand the question and find the problem: techniques and methods.


  • During

Apply methods and techniques for steps 1, 2 and 3 in the FA process.


  • After

Develop the solution and implement the solution: techniques and methods.