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Tips and tricks for efficient teleworking

Working from home or teleworking has rapidly become a new way of working for many employees. Most of them are happy with the change. However, you cannot just improvise when it comes to teleworking, and working from home is not always easy, particularly if there are other people also sharing your work space at home. In addition to a good work space and well-functioning tools and equipment, this way of working does have an impact on both productivity and well-being. A number of factors can get in the way of productivity, and you may or may not be aware of these.

This online training course will help you to become more aware of your skills, helping to make working from home a durable and motivating way of working.

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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

Mental, physical and spatial tips and tricks that can help you:

  • structuring your working day better when you are working from home,
  • seeing your work space differently and adapting it,
  • creating a more harmonious balance between work and private life,
  •  maintaining and improving your productivity and motivation,
  • avoiding extra stress.


This training course is suitable for everyone who works remotely.

Leermethode: Online-klas

Deze online-opleiding volg je op je computer. Je traject bestaat uit drie stappen, die elkaar aanvullen.

  • Stap 1

Je opleiding start op Karibu, ons online-leerplatform. Dit leermoment doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.

Let op: deze stap afwerken is een vereiste om verder te gaan.

  • Stap 2: online-klas

Tijdens deze stap ontmoet je je medecursisten – gewoonlijk zes tot twaalf personen – via Zoom. Iedereen kan elkaar zien en horen. Dat maakt gesprekken, interactie en samenwerking mogelijk. Zo leer je van en met elkaar, op basis van de inzichten uit stap 1.

  • Stap 3

Dit leermoment vindt opnieuw plaats op Karibu. Ook deze stap doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.

Vereiste voorkennis

There is no specific prior knowledge required. Even people who are experienced at working from home will still find new insights.

For teleworkers who are involved in a lot of online meetings, an additional course is also recommended: How to increase interactivity in online meetings?


Step 1 in Karibu (about 30 min)

As preparation, please send in a photograph of the work space where you most often work at home – or multiple photos if you have more than one place where you work at home. In the online session we will be thinking about your individual work space. We will ask about your workload by going through the details of a weekday when you are working from home, and we will find out your chronotype. Are you a morning worker, or are you more productive in the evenings?


Step 2: online class (3h)

During the online class you will hear from your colleagues who also work from home and you will help each other by sharing experiences and tricks you have discovered. This is an interactive session and the aim is to remove any feelings of guilt around protecting your own well-being and offer you easier ways of keeping your productivity at the right level. During this class, all the participants will be online at the same time. Everyone will be able to see and hear each other, which promotes interaction, conversation and collaboration, so that you can learn from others too. During your session we will share experiences and good practices for the following four crucial elements of teleworking:


Physical comfort at your desk

  • Choosing the right work space or area and getting the layout right 
  • Optimising the space 
  • Understanding your ergonomic needs in terms of equipment, your body and your environment.


Visual and spatial stimuli in your work space 

  • Positioning and orienting your desk correctly for more inspiration and creativity 
  • Keeping your work area separate to maintain a better balance between work and private life 
  • Identifying visual blocks to your concentration


Your mental boosters at work 

  • Structuring your working day and defining your pace
  • Procrastinating and the right level of surplus concentration 
  • Self-care: learning to prevent stress yourself


Relational tricks when dealing with others 

  • Communication: making a pact with people around you and your colleagues
  • Managing collaboration tools to improve your productivity
  • Combining alone time and social relationships


Step 3 in Karibu (about 30 min)

We will have a quiz to see what you have remembered from the online session. This is also an opportunity to revisit the course material. Next, you can take a small test to see how sedentary your lifestyle really is. Finally we will provide some tips from articles, books and testimonials, along with some exercises on time management and procrastination.