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Strenghten your communication skills with the Insights Discovery model

You find it difficult to communicate with certain colleagues, clients, managers and others in your professional environment. Will they ever learn how to talk with you? And yet you have colleagues with whom you communicate easily. What’s going on? Can you do something to improve the situation?

We offer you the opportunity to tackle this issue practically and learn to use techniques to enrich your interpersonal communication. Above and beyond the basics of fluid communication, mastering and using the Insights Discovery model will enable you to optimise your interactions with others and benefit from more respectful, productive and positive working relations.

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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

  • Become familiar with the relevant factors in communication.
  • Master and use the Insights Discovery model.
  • Be aware of the communication styles of others and adapt to them.
  • Understand the barriers to efficient communication and how to take up these challenges.


Anyone who wishes to develop their communication skills in professional situations.

Leermethode: Klassikale opleiding

Deze klassikale opleiding volg je samen met medecursisten op locatie. Je traject bestaat uit drie stappen, die elkaar aanvullen.

  • Stap 1: online

Je opleiding start op Karibu, ons online-leerplatform. Dit eerste leermoment doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.

Let op: deze stap afwerken is een vereiste om verder te gaan.

  • Stap 2: klassikaal

Tijdens deze stap ben je een hele dag ‘live’ aanwezig op de opleidingslocatie, samen met je medecursisten. Je leert van en met elkaar, op basis van de inzichten uit stap 1. Gewoonlijk is de groep samengesteld uit zes tot twaalf cursisten.

  • Stap 3: online

Dit leermoment vindt opnieuw plaats op Karibu. Ook deze stap doorloop je op je eigen tempo, waar en wanneer je wilt.

Vereiste voorkennis

No prior knowledge is required to follow this course.


Part 1: Before the session (working alone)

  • Thinking about your needs and expectations as regards the course.
  • Identification of the communication issues you face, through examples.
  • Assimilation of information about the Insights Discovery model.
  • Evaluation of your position in terms of the Insights Discovery colour energies.


Part 2: Classical

  • Through interactive plenary sessions, practical exercises, sharing experiences and good practices:
    • Process of interpersonal communication and basic tools of constructive communication.
    • Focus on the phenomenon of perception.
    • Exploring the Insights Discovery model.
    • Identification of your Insights Discovery colour energies and your preferences.
    • Application of the Insights Discovery model to interpersonal communication and in a team.


Part 3: After the session (working alone)

  • You receive a quiz that will allow you to anchor what you have learnt during the course.
  • You validate the responses to this quiz with another course participant.
  • You find out how to continue and deepen your use of the Insights Discovery model.