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Tips & Tricks for efficient teleworking

Wether or not an organization begins with teleworking or already has experience in the field, their leaders and employees realize quite quickly that working from home does not allow for improvisation. And that it is not enough to worry about technical assistance to be effective remotely. A simple plug in is not enough.

The New Way Of Working also means New Habits and Behaviors. This is just as true with colleagues in the office as with one's children and / or partner at home! Through visual, spatial, physical and especially mental tricks you will enhance your productivity and well-being and protect yourself against burn-out, even remotely!

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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

Thanks to mental, relational, physical and spatial tips, as a remote worker you will be able:

  • to set more structure in your telework day,
  • to observe and adapt your workspace differently,
  • to create more harmony in your worklife balance,
  • to maintain and increase productivity and motivation in a sustainable way,
  • to avoid any extra stress, or even lead you to a burnout risk.


You work remotely or plan to do so.



Een workshop lijkt op een traditionele klassikale opleiding. De belangrijkste verschillen: korter, specifieker en praktijkgerichter.

Eerst krijg je wat theorie, daarna vlieg je meteen in enkele praktijkoefeningen. Zo leer je nóg sneller bij. En omdat je in groep bent, steek je ook iets op van andere deelnemers.


My physical comfort at my desk

  • Choose and arrange your space or work area
  • Optimize your workspace
  • Knowing better your needs in material, physical and environmental ergonomics

My visual boosters in my workspace

  • Arrange and orientate your office for more inspiration and creativity
  • Delimit your workspace for a better worklifebalance
  • Detect your visual concentration brakes

My mental boosters at work

  • Give structure and rhythm to you remote day 
  • Too much procrastination or too much focus?
  • Practice self-care: learn self-stress prevention

My relational tips to yourself and with others

  • Communicate: make a deal with those around you and your colleagues
  • Manage your collaborative tools for more productivity
  • Combine as best isolation and social bonding