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Use mind maps to organize your ideas

The most creative ideas come unexpectedly. They appear during chaotic meetings, wild brainstorming sessions with colleagues, or even pop up during a coffee break. How do you put these ideas into a structure that allows you to work with them straight away? Find out during our training course ‘Mind mapping: approaching assignments efficiently’.  
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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

  • You have the ultimate tool for a creative thinking process in your hands.
  • You structure and formulate your ideas clearly.
  • You have insight into the workings of your brain. You put this knowledge to optimal use. 
Are you all set for the training course? Make sure you have a few coloured markers and blank paper to bring with you.


You find yourself planning and organising on a daily basis. 


  • Definition of mind mapping: what, why and when.
  • How the left and right halves of your brain work.
  • Creative thinking.
  • From theory to practice.
  • Your strengths and points that need attention.
  • Your personal action plan.