Cyber security developer

As a Cyber Security Analyst, you will help companies secure their IT systems. You will learn how to monitor and evaluate an infrastructure its vulnerabilities and you will discover cyber attack risk mitigation.

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  • 217 dagen
  • B2C
  • English (US)
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Wat leer je in deze opleiding?

At the end of the course

  • You will be able to collect information on security incidents
  • You can collaborate in the preparation of reports
  • You can coordinate incident management
  • You can draw up a risk analysis and thus reduce risks
  • You can define and implement a security policy
  • You can provide a security strategy and defense structure


During the training you can choose the specialisations cyber security analyst or pentester.

We organise this training together with BeCode.


The course is open to anyone registered as a job seeker.

Vereiste voorkennis

No prerequisites, selection is based on motivation. To be eligible, you must create an account on Code Academy, take online modules and earn badges.

Intermediate level of English (B2):

  • writing and reading Basic knowledge of programming


Soft skills:

  • Being curious
  • Being autodidactic
  • Being solution oriented
  • Have strong motivation

Voorwaarden voor deelname

Het aantal plekken voor deze opleiding is beperkt. Om in aanmerking te komen moet je voldoen aan deze criteria:

  • Je bent ingeschreven als werkzoekende.
  • Je bent fulltime (vijf dagen per week) beschikbaar om de volledige opleiding te volgen.
  • Je wilt je beroep maken van de job die je aanleert.
  • Je slaagt voor de selectietests en het individueel gesprek verloopt goed.
  • Je hebt een goede kennis van het Nederlands.
  • Je aanvaardt de veiligheidsregels en het intern reglement (deze worden later meegedeeld).


System Administration

  • command line
  • system configuration
  • users (Windows and linux)


  • Networking simulation tool (Cisco packet tracer)


  • Advanced scripting(Python, Bash, Powershell, enz.)


  • Log collecting(Syslog, Traps SNMP, Opsec, IDMEF...)
  • Managing and evaluating incident severity
  • Traffic analysing (Wireshark, tcpdump, etc.)
  • Setting up IDS and IPS (NIDS, HIDS, NIPS, HIPS)


  • introduction to the following tests
  • Enumeration (nmap, dirbuster, Nikto, etc.)
  • Exploitation (SearchSploit, Metasploit, etc.)
  • Post-exploitation

Soft skills

  • Communication training
  • Guidance from a career coach

Coaching on job/internship search

  • 1 to 3 months internship in a company